Product Vending

Pedestrian Product Vending Machine // product and system (speculative/patent pending) // This vending machine, a three-dimensional rendering apparatus, functions as an automatic retailing apparatus that dispenses products. It includes a material storage area, which is configured to store manufacturing based materials (e.g., thermoplastic polymer) and an automatic identification method, (A.I.M.)/Reconfigurable chip (e.g., RFID tag).

It is equipped with a "product return area," for returning products and verifying their recycling compatibility with the A.I.M./RFID tag. The material utilized to make the product such as, thermoplastic polymer, can be recycled (e.g., re-melted and re-molded) by this vending machine for future use. Money or credit can be credited to the consumer who has returned a product to the vending machine for successful re-melting and storing.

Product Vending Product Vending Product vending