Established in 2005 by Christopher Kaltenbach, <actionfindcopypaste> is an interdisciplinary design practice that works across a number of different areas, including visual communication, web and package design, as well as architecture, interior and product design. Our practice is defined by contemporary modes of authoring that is informed by rigorous design research, and the mixing of working methods and techniques across different media. We propose evolving, inventive and poetically plausible solutions, rejecting the "one-click" appropriations made for singular and categorically derived solutions. While many of our design propositions are based in the very real science and technology of the present, the application is situated in futurological scenarios. We design within cultural systems of cause and effect, taking into consideration the social, economic and even political influences that impact people, things, places, situations or ideas. Ultimately, we work to reveal a design problem's rich content (“copy”)—like a manuscript ready to be typeset—and then we turn it into the sweet confection (“paste”) that aims to enrich peoples lives.