TRIPetals // a fan display product and system (speculative) // client: New Mexico Rail Runner Express, State of New Mexico, U.S.A. // TRIPetals (pronounced TRIP Petals) is, as the name implies, a multi-faceted system offering real-time visual information to the commuter while simultaneously refreshing the air. It is through the unique design of the fan's blades, or Petals, that this is achieved. Other features include wireless hotspot, Bluetooth proximity marketing, reduction in hvac.

Through the information and images, provided on this circular display, a sense of grounding can be created as new points of departure and arrival spatially redefine New Mexico communities. As with the Brothers Grimm fairy tale Hansel and Gretel, we too look for the mental signposts left behind as we habitually travel from home into the city and home again. This circular display gathers all of those signposts (breadcrumbs), or in this case, flower petals and reassembles them into a blossoming portal to our memories.

TRIPetals TRIPetals TRIPetals